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What Is Local Business SEO?

Our Local Services manage your local business listings, reviews & check-ins on Google, Bing, Facebook and Foursquare.

The Elite Las Vegas SEO team have worked hard to understand your needs and objectives as a business owner. We have developed superior services and techniques to get to know you, your business, your target market, and even your competitors. Our in-depth research process determines your local location and geographical targets to offer you the most suitable seo solutions.

It all begins with an in-depth consultation to establish your needs and goals and to strategize a road-map for a successful local marketing presence and domination over your competitors.

Local Business Listing Research and Creation

We will analyze your current listing to find and remedy any duplicate local business listings. Duplicates are not good in Google’s eye, the search engines consider it as confusing a user. We also perform competitor analysis to figure out what they are doing and that gives us a good chance to best them at their own game. We’ll make sure your (NAP) name, address, and phone number are all correct and the same across your multiple business directories and listings. If you don’t have a Google+ Local, Bing Local, Facebook Places, or Foursquare account set up, we’ll do that for you.

Image Optimization and Publication

We take care of all your image sourcing, editing with branding. The images will be optimized by file name and geo-tagged. They will be published onto your business directory accounts.

Citation Building

Your business will be registered with popular business directories on the web.

Reviews and Promo Creation

As soon as your customers start leaving reviews, we will publish those reviews on various sections of your website and promo materials. If you are having a sale or special deal we can help with online banner creation and design and upload it to your splash page and website. Plus we’ll even blast it out through your social media properties.

Mobile Local Check-In Visibility

We will arrange special deals and promotions to get your customers to perform “check-ins” at your place of business. The promos will be publicized at your Facebook Places, Foursquare and Google My Business accounts to encourage more check ins. This strategy will give you more business and at the same time strengthen your social signals.

Social Media Account Updates

Social Media is very powerful for businesses. We will create special offers on your Google Local and Google Plus Business Page, Facebook Page “Like” campaign, Facebook Places promo publication, Bing Local Deals creation, Bing Mobile Deals publication and Foursquare Promo updates to strengthen your bond with the community and create powerful social signals.

This is just the beginning of your local business presence. It is never too late to begin implementing a strategy to increase your visibility on the search engines local listings and top business directories.

We watch and keep up with the current trends and technologies of business promotion. Our Local Search Engine Optimization Service is built with you, the business owner in mind, and geared to give you a high ROI.

It is important to us at Elite Las Vegas SEO that you are benefiting from our services through increased leads and sales. Your competitors are already reaping the rewards of having their business at the top of the search results, now it’s your turn.

Call us today at (702) 530-9144 and get started with one of our local SEO packages.