What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Having a mobile website design is beneficial for every business because it clearly describes and represents your online brand, products, and services. The responsive web design is fully functional and user-friendly to those using mobile devices and desktop computers. Your mobile-ready website visitors will not need to pinch and zoom to read and adjust the content positioning.

A mobile responsive website will adjust all content, images, and videos to fit your screen size on all devices. It can be a separate mobile version of your website or an all-in-one design. I’ve seen many business websites that have two versions of their web site and that’s OK too. A good website design services company can give you some advice and tips that will help you decide what’s best for you and your business.

Google has clearly stated their views on website design.

“Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. That is, there is one HTML code for the page regardless of the device accessing it, but its presentation changes using CSS media queries to specify which CSS rules apply for the browser displaying the page. You can learn more about responsive web design from this blog post by Google’s webmasters and in our recommendations.

Using responsive web design has multiple advantages, including:

It keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to, and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.

Google can discover your content more efficiently as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with the different Googlebot user agents to retrieve and index all the content.” from the original article here: Google Webmaster Central

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