Why Advertise On Social Media?

There was a time when Facebook and other social media networks were a place for only high school college friends to communicate. They eventually grew to random friends and family hangouts. Now you can find different types of effective social media advertising campaigns and marketing tools for business owners. They are a powerful place to bring more traffic to your website, generate new leads, and increase sales for your biz. This is what Elite Las Vegas SEO can help you with.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media optimization through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a way to generate publicity about your business. Traditional local advertising is losing steam and if you want an effective method to increase awareness about your product, brand, or service then you need to hop on board to where your customers are currently hanging out. This gives you a chance to market to your friends, fans, followers, and connections through your channels. The great thing about this is if your customers really love your product, they will share it with their own social followers. The power of social media marketing is something you cannot ignore.

Why Is Social Media Optimization Important?

It’s a great way to increase customer loyalty and it can help you build your brand by encouraging customer engagement through their shares. There were some SMM studies done and one of them shows that over 65% of respondents use social media whenever they are doing research on a product or service and 53% of those compliment and reshare those brands to their own followers.

Customer Acquisition in Social Media
  • LinkedIn 62%
  • Facebook 52%
  • Twitter 44%
Harness The Inner Strength of Social Media

Your prospects and customers are searching for your business in their social media networks. By staying in the stone age and shunning social media advertising, you are basically telling your prospects that you don’t want them to share your products or services. They are customers who could be sharing your deals and promotions to their friends and followers, it’s basically free advertising. This alone can be a great source for increased leads and sales. Referrals will always be the number one source for leads in my book.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Business With Social Media Optimization

We work with all social media platforms but mainly the focus is on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are others we can help you with including Blogger, Pinterest, YouTube, and much more. Our job is to set you up with all these networks and optimize your profiles for maximum exposure. We can promote all your promos and sales through these social media channels.


With over 1+ billion active users on Facebook, you can’t go wrong. We will optimize your images, profile descriptions, and fan pages so that your prospects and customers are aware of your brand, current deals, promos, and events. Your business information will be out there for everyone to see and engage with. We will show them that you care about them by posting status updates and interacting with them on your wall posts. We’ll make certain that your Facebook account is perfectly maintained and active daily.


Google Plus is another popular social media platform that we can’t ignore. There are also some great website SEO benefits to having a properly optimized Google+ account. Your profile and settings will be fully optimized with your business information, website backlink, keywords, and engaging images. We will post your company updates and random customer engaging posts to increase your social presence.


Twitter has hundreds of millions of active users and over 500 million tweets going out per day. We will set up your account and do daily tweets for you, plus we’ll even get you new real followers.


LinkedIn is not only great for B2B relationships but it can also help your business get the word out. Even business owners need your services at some point. We’ll set up your LinkedIn professional profile and join groups to engage in, all on your behalf.

Social media optimization and advertising can be daunting if you try to do it yourself. Think about it, you will need to do daily posts and respond to your customers or prospects comments. Posting and making banners for you special deals can take a couple hours. This is basically a full-time job. Focus on your business and we’ll focus on what we do best.

Call us today at (702) 530-9144 and we’ll manage your social media presence.