3 Alternative SEO Strategies For Off-Page Optimization

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Top SEO Strategies

Many website owners have been accustomed to the average old way of doing SEO. That includes doing some very basic On-Page SEO strategies. The reason could be anything including not having enough time in the day to do other tactics, or it could be they are not really web savvy to do much at all. The on-page methods do work and I would never distract anyone from doing it, but there are many alternative ways to optimize your website content.

Now that you have already done some basic on-page search engine optimization, it’s time you learn some new tricks. SEO strategy is our topic of the day.

Have you heard of one-way back links? Google and other search engines count how many links other sites have pointing to your website. It’s important that you have these pointing from relevant content. So if your blog is about cats, then it will be more link power to have links pointing from a pet site, and a lot of them.

You may be wondering how can you create a back-link? It takes time, and might be beneficial to hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do all the legwork, unless you have a lot of free-time on your hands. It’s actually much easier to do than building websites, you don’t need to be a tech genius for some of these top SEO tips and tricks.

I have a couple off-page SEO tips:

1. Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a really powerful method to create back links. Although not as useful as it was a few years ago, there can still be some benefit if you have a unique and quality article to share. Find a high page rank article directory and submit one of your unique articles. You’ll need to write an article about something in your niche. Every article directory has a special spot you can place your links, it’s called the ‘resource box’. Do not seed your links within the article itself. Just make sure that your content and where it’s pointing to is relevant to what your article is about to make most of your SEO tactics.

2. Manual Forum Posting

You’ll want to search for forums that are relevant to the content on your site. That way you are providing information that the forum members will enjoy reading. Every forum member has a ‘signature area’ under each of their forum posts. This is where you can personalize your own account details and place your back-link to your site. Every time you comment on another members post, you’ll get your link out at the same time. It’s a good idea to learn about hyperlinks. Search what it is on Google. It’s what you’ll need for your signature link. You can also make some good friends in these forums too.

3. Blogging

Almost every website has a blog area or at least the option to simply add one. Sometimes you can find some blogs to comment on that accept do-follow links back to your site. This is another topic for another time but you can create some really good backlinks by commenting on your fellow bloggers content. It’s also a good idea to get yourself set up with your own blog on your business website. The search engines LOVE that stuff because you are creating content daily which gives the search engine spiders time on your site and possibly index more pages.

Take daily, consistent action…

…with your back-linking and in time your website will rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) using our off-site SEO strategies.

You should be submitting articles at least two times a week. Try commenting on blogs and some forum posts for a few minutes every day. Write fresh content for your personal blog at least once a week and stay consistent. Hire out a cheap VA to do all this for you if you aren’t really into writing and commenting.

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