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Having access to website analytic tools can help you to understand your customers. You will have access to data that can grab purchasing patterns and behaviors. They can give you some insight into what your market wants. This information will allow you see what needs to be changed in your internet marketing to attract more sales.

Internet marketing is getting more and more competitive as more business owners expand to online sales platforms. But that’s not to say that they are all profiting from their new marketing strategies. Most just don’t know how to analyze the market, some of fail. It’s very important that every business owner researches their niche and demographics.

Online Marketing Has A Learning Curve

There are a couple things to think about when marketing your business online. One of them is how many unique visitors are viewing your site. This used to be a big piece of info for online marketers a few years ago. It’s still looked at, but there are bigger factors to look at now.

With website analytic tools we can look at each of our website visitors and determine what actions they took to reach your site and where they came from. You can also see what browser they were using and what country they live. The tools can log their IP address to determine how many repeat visits are happening.

We can then determine who visits us, what they were looking for, and when they viewed our content. This information can be very useful when it comes to the success of marketing your business online. Many website hosting companies provide these analytic tools in your cpanel area.


First we’ll look at WHO:

You’ll see who has visited your website and what pages they browsed. Who was putting items in the shopping cart and how many were leaving without buying. Who filled out the survey forms. Who spent time looking at the red jackets compared to the black ones. From this information you can determine who your buyers are compared to the casual browsers on your site.

Second is WHAT:

What is it that your visitor was searching for that led them to your site. You’ll see what search engine brought them to you and what search term they used. You can see what services and products people are searching for, and if you don’t have them, you can possibly add those in the future.

What products are being viewed the most. What product is making you more money. This data can provide you with analytical info on just about everything. If you see they are searching for something in your niche but you are not providing on your website, think about getting a hold of that product.

Third is WHEN:

When are your visitors being attracted to your site the most. Are your visitors shopping in the daytime or nighttime. This data can provide you with when the best times you can run your ad campaigns to boost sales. The information collected can also help with planning your search engine optimization strategies.

Marketing your business online is simple if you use the analytic tools provided for you, some are for free. Take that information and put it to work.

You’ll learn if things on your website need to be changed or improved. Some things as simple as your web design can enhance a buyers mood. Look at your demographics, you can change certain elements to cater to them.

If you see most of your visitors landing on your site and then quickly leaving, maybe you aren’t attracting the right crowd. Keywords play a big role in this. Take a look at your analytic information and make the necessary changes. Analyzing your customers habits online will be so much easier with those tools.

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