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SEO Basics To Google Page Ranking

Doing your due diligence when it comes to Google Page Ranking can be very rewarding for you and your business. You have a choice of either hiring out a search engine optimization company or do some of the basics on your own.

Tips For Ranking Your Websites To The Top

1. Keyword Research

Brainstorm on some of the keywords you think your website visitors might be typing in Google. They can consist of ‘one word’ or ‘multiple words’ (keyword phrases) which can allow you to be more specific in what you want to target.

Write your keywords on a notepad. You can also use the Google Keyword Tool for some additional ideas. If you are a business that serves mainly local customers, then you can use terms similar to ‘Best Las Vegas Bakery’ or ‘Bakeries In Las Vegas’.

You can also check your competitors websites to see what keywords they might be targeting. Write down as many keywords or keyword phrases as you can find.

Once you have your list, choose a couple of the best ones. Keep in mind that some keywords have higher competition, try to stay away from those for now. Starting out, you should choose some keywords with lower competition so that you can have some articles ranked more quickly at first.

Optimizing Content For Better Online Visibility

2. Unique and Engaging Content

The content is another name for ‘copy’ on your website. Google loves websites that produce A LOT of content. Your main keywords should be embedded in you web site copy for maximum SEO effectiveness. You want the Google Spiders to understand what your website is about and help them figure out if your content is relevant to everything else you published on your site.

Also make sure that when embedding your keywords, your content should read well and make sense with no grammatical errors.

Here are some samples on how to embed keywords:
  • Use keywords in your header tags, for example H1,H2, etc.
  • Your keyword should be embedded somewhere around the beginning of your content.
  • Italicize and Bold your keyword once.
  • Use your keyword in your on-page anchor text instead of just writing ‘click here’
  • Use your keyword in your Title Tag.
  • Write your keywords in all of your image ALT tags.

Adding content regularly is very important to your Google page ranking.

Here are some random content optimization ideas:
  • Write detailed descriptions of your products and services; not just one-liners or two-liners.
  • Try to write a blog post for each product you are selling.
  • Compile a ‘frequently asked questions’ or FAQ page.

Your Backlinking Strategies

3. Backlinks

You’ll become very popular with Google if you have quality backlinks pointing to your site. Back links are links directed from another website, preferably one with high domain authority, to yours. Having a few high quality and niche relevant back-links will boost your search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have back-links from other sites that are in the same niche as yours. If you sell dog collars, you’ll want back links from pet sites. Having only ten backlinks from a pet site is way better than having 100 links from websites outside of your own niche.

One way to easily get some backlinks is to research other sites that are relevant to your own, but not competing. There are many ways to create back-links, I have a few articles on my blog for more of our top seo tips and tricks.

Building Your Social Signals

4. Social Media Sharing

Remember to stay active in creating your content and researching new keywords to write your content around. Participate in social media sharing to share your products, services, and new blog posts. This can also help establish your brand online.

Social media is becoming one of the best places a business can get the word out about their biz, and in most cases it’s free advertising. Your followers will be re-sharing your content to their own followers. You can also share your special promos and sales.

You’ll soon see some of your keywords ranking on the search engines. This will eventually lead to more leads and increased sales. Being found on the first page of the search engines is important if you want to be successful online, so get to work my friend 🙂

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We’re based in Las Vegas Nevada, but we work with clients worldwide. Good luck in your Google page ranking endeavors!