8 Useful Techniques That Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

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How To Improve Google Ranking

We all know that it’s important for your business website to have daily consistent traffic so focusing on your search engine rankings can be critical. You’ll need to find strategies that will put your website ahead of the crowd in the search results.

Another proven way to get more traffic to your site is creating back-links from authority sites or social media sharing sites. Those links can provide the much needed traffic to your content, plus the search engines like it. Having a daily routine of creating natural and quality back links is one of the best things you can do for your website.

Search Engine Ranking Isn’t Totally Dead

As a founder of an SEO company, I have found that it’s not a good idea to guarantee a high ranking for websites. It seems Google is on some sort of vendetta against website SEO. Look at all the algorithm changes and search resets lately. But don’t be discouraged because we have some things you can do that will help.

I have come up with some tips that can help a little. You’ll at least get a chance to put yourself in a position on the search results that can get you some traffic. Use these tips to not only help yourself, but to make Google itself happy.

Here Are Some Tips That Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

1. Content

Creating content that provides value to your visitors can help position your site to a better search engine ranking. The most important thing to consider is having content that is relevant to your site. Come up with a long list of keywords and keyword phrases in your niche. Choose one of those for each article and write content around that keyword. Write an article that consists of at least 300-500+ words.

Take a look at some of your competitor sites for ideas on what to write about if you are stuck.

2. URL Post Slug

Include your keyword in your post slug. It’s the portion of your URL that represents the post.

3. Image Alt Tag

Use images on each post. Edit the ALT tag with the keyword you are focusing on.

4. Post Title

Name your post something eye catchy. A title with numbers is always good such as this articles title, or something like TOP 10 THINGS THAT… or 3 STRATEGIES THAT CAN… the point is that you want to be providing something of value. You’ll want people clicking on your links so make them interesting and they will also help your “rank on the search engines”.

5. Updates

Keep your posts updated. Google really focuses on sites that are consistently adding and updating content.

6. Keywords

When choosing keywords, try not to use the most popular ones. You don’t want to compete too much for those so choose something that gets a couple thousand searches a month.

7. Linking

If you are embedding links that go OUT of your website, be sure to keep them relevant to your niche. If your site is about parrots, it’s OK to link out to pet websites or zoos, etc.

8. Google Algorithm

Google changes the way it ranks websites often. Keep a lookout on SEO websites for any clues on what the next greatest technique to rank content is.

Now that you have some insight on what can increase your search engine ranking, get out there, use these basic SEO tips and tricks, and take action. Do what needs to be done and you’ll soon see some of your posts on the first page of the Google search results.

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