4 Important Content Writing Tips

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Your website has three major components including your URL with hosting, graphics and design, and the written content. I’ve seen many businesses with the drive to build a website and come up with a great design but where they fall short is the CONTENT.

Of course the website design is important because it can help with sales conversion rates in some ways, it’s also vital that you have content that gets equal attention.

Having written content can help improve your online brand awareness with prospects and current customers. Creating unique and engaging content can be a burden especially if you are not a great writer so I have come up with four tips that can help you with your website content.

Content Writing Tips For The Search Engines

Your web design and graphics may be top notch but the search engines will not be convinced by having a great looking website alone. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are driven by written content and if you don’t have it, you don’t rank. When the search engine spiders crawl your page they are scanning the text and at the same time reviewing the quality of your article and looking for any links.


Content Writing Tips


The search engines love content. They are looking at your website and to determine what niche you are in, if you don’t have content that would be impossible. They scan your content to check for keywords so they can determine what keywords you will show up for in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Give the search engines what they want, write a lot of relevant content to your niche so that you can make it easier for the them to send you more visitors to your website.

Writing Content For Your Customers

You don’t need to be a world famous writer or an SEO expert to get content on your website. The most important thing is to just do it, open up your notepad, pick a topic related to your niche, and write about it. One good tip is to find out what questions your customers are asking, make one of those questions a topic and answer their question. Now you have an article to post on your blog. Providing value is key to quality content.

Also include and About Us page. Write what your business is about, how it got started, and any goals your company may have. Embed some images of your business and a group photo of you and your employees.

You’re not only writing for the search engines, but also to your customers. This is why you need content that is both keyword rich and niche relevant for the search engines, but also useful and quality content for your website visitors. Give them the information they are searching for and make it easily readable.

Write Relevant Content

Having a successful website means you’re giving your target audience what they are looking for. If you’re an attorney you’ll want to give your website visitors an easy-to-see phone number, your areas of specialization, and photos of you and your associates.

The blog can be a powerful way to increase your visibility online. Your blog posts can talk about each of your areas of specialization so that your clients can get a better idea of what you can do for them.

Being Creative With Your Blogging

Your blog is perfect for when you want to talk about your products and services in greater detail. Pick one product per week, write about what it is, and the benefits. Adding your personality into what you’re writing is also important. No need to be on topic all the time, you can wander off a bit and make your article exciting to read with a few twists. Your visitors will enjoy your article and share it with their friends on Facebook and even Twitter. This can bring you website traffic from social media sites. Your website visitors are like mini web browsing advertisements, free advertising. But first you need content!

Content isn’t always about words on a page. Be creative and record a video of you talking about a product or service. You can use your webcam or iPhone. The quality of your video doesn’t need to be studio grade. People don’t really care, they just want facts and a video that answers their questions. You can also make an audio recording or make a really neat info-graphic.

These are some of my tips to writing great unique content. Get out there and create more visibility online for your business by using the power of quality website content and blogging.

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