Search Engine Optimization Tips

Be sure to describe your business and what services and products you offer on the home page in great detail. If your new site visitors don’t know what you are selling they will quickly leave and find someone else to purchase from.

Try not to sum up what you sell in one sentence on your product pages. Your customers want to know the ins and outs of what you are selling. Give detailed descriptions for each product or service and you’ll be good to go.

You may have heard that spamming your main keyword over and over was a good tactic but it really isn’t. Google and other major search engines have changed to where they understand coherent written language and will rank your pages accordingly. Get rid of the clutter and talk about your product or service like a human would like to hear it. It’s more about content and making sense than all that other keyword spamming mumbo jumbo.

Keep your title tags down to just a few words that are relevent to the topic. Stuffing keywords in them will not help your rankings. One keyword is fine though.

If you are a local business go ahead and put your city in your content including title tags, image alt tags, H1 headings, and in your URL.

Keep an eye out for more SEO tips and tricks.

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