This is To Give You An Idea Of What Your SEO Campaign Might Look Like

Recommended Length of Your SEO Campaign

I recommend all SEO packages and marketing campaigns to be worked on for at least 12 months. In a perfect world it would be ideal to run an SEO campaign forever. SEO marketing should be one of your long-term strategies to ensure that leads are always flowing in. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines are always on the move changing the search algorithms. When that happens your website may or may not be affected. Elite Las Vegas SEO is on top of those changes and can adjust to those changes in the algorithm as needed.

Number of Target Keywords or Key Phrases

We will analyze and pick your highest priority keywords relating to your business and how people search for your product or service. Our most basic SEO package targets 6 keywords and it goes up from there on more advanced SEO packages. If you are a large corporation you’ll need to target at least 100+ keywords and we can do that for you.

On-site URL Structuring

The URLs will need to be arranged to help organize your website. Website visitors will have an easier time understanding where they are in your website by looking at the URL alone. Instead of “”, we’ll change it to “ etc. Most websites do not have this organization. Google bot will also appreciate the fluidity of your webpage navigating architecture.

Online Business Directory Setup

The phone book is losing influence so we came up with a plan to set you up on the top 10 business directory sites on the web. We will create your accounts and optimize the descriptions tailored to your business details. A few of the top sites are Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp Local, Manta, Kudzu, etc.

Press Release Account Setup

We will be creating 5 Press Release accounts for your business and write 1 press release every month. The accounts will be set up at,,,, and, they are subject to change as we find better replacements. These are really powerful avenues to get the word out about your products and services.

Google+ and Google Authorship Account Setup

Google+ is another important factor in our ranking strategy. We will create an account for your business if you do not already have one. Establishing authorship from the Google+ account is beneficial for when we write your blog articles. We’ll also need that same account to setup your Blogger, YouTube, and other Google related accounts.

Google+ Business Page and Publisher Setup

The Google+ Business Page is like a mini business website and it’s great for social networking. If you have a Business Page on Google+ your clients/customers can use their Google Latitude app to “check in” when they are at your business. The page will be optimized and updated with current content on a monthly basis.

Social Media Accounts Setup

Social Media is absolutely powerful these days. We will set you with the top ten social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, NewsVine, etc. These social media accounts will help establish your brand online and can attract more visitors to your website.

Social Sharing Accounts Setup

These accounts are great for sharing your new content and promotions. They also provide some powerful back links to your website pages. Some of the social sharing sites include Delicious, Slashdot, BibSonomy, StumbleUpon, etc.

Off-Site Blog Accounts Setup

Web 2.0 blogs such as Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr are getting really popular lately. We are going to set you up with 5 of the top blog sites on the web. The back links from these sites can improve your domain and page authority. We’ll use these blogs to publish new content, establish your brand, and build back links.

Blog Article Writing

We will write between 1-10 engaging and keyword optimized on-site blog articles that are typically around 350-500+ words every month. We’ll do the same for your off-site blog accounts. We can also post any articles that you or your team have written. The amount of articles we write for you depends on what SEO package you choose.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Integration

We will use these services to track errors and website traffic.

Monthly Website Audit Report

The auditing process includes, but is not limited to, the checking of the following:

  • Format
  • Link status analysis
  • 100% of the month’s work is completed in full
  • Report is updated accordingly
  • Fixing of errors or dead links
  • Work Reports

All tasks will be tracked throughout the whole month and are reflected on the monthly report which includes all progress and final outcomes. Elite Las Vegas SEO is the premier online marketing agency in Nevada.

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