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Every business website should have some sort of search engine optimization done to it so people can easily find it using simple search queries. If you have a website and haven’t done any SEO whatsoever, you may be losing a majority of the online sales to your competitors. Elite Las Vegas SEO services will help you grab your piece of the internet pie and help raise your bottom line. Take a look at what one of our SEO packages might look like for your business.

What is SEO?

You may be wondering what search engine optimization means. A website or web page with SEO work done to it is pushed to the top of the organic search results pages in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Someone will type in a search term in one of the top search engines and your website has a higher chance of popping up on top of the search results. It’s one of the main strategies to get online sales. For a better understanding about SEO check out my What is SEO page.

SEO can be confusing to most people because it involves the use of complex guidelines set by the search engines. It can also include techniques to alter the design, coding, link structure, architecture, content, and promotional offers on your website. I have a system in place that detects the best keywords to target, these are the main search terms your prospects are searching in Google.

Elite Las Vegas SEO Uses White Hat SEO Techniques

Las Vegas SEO ServicesWhitehat SEO is a term that basically means ethical SEO practices and that follow the guidelines set by Google and other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Unlike other fly-by-night SEO agencies, I use a “white-hat” approach to page ranking. The major search engines penalize websites that have had used “black hat” tactics to rank. Blackhat strategies employ the use of keyword stuffing, url cloaking, and spamming. When a website has been found to be using those dubious ranking methods, it is basically de-indexed. That means your website has lost it’s top page rankings and can no longer be found among the search results. Elite Las Vegas SEO abides by the guidelines set by all major search engines. Learn more about SEO here.

Why Do You Need SEO?

It’s important for a business to consistently generate leads and convert them into customers. SEO has been shown to be the highest factor in generating leads at a rate of 94%. Other forms of lead generation such as Social Media 85%, Email 79% and Blogs at 68% lead generation rates. Studies have also shown that conversion rates is proportional to the level of SEO services the business buys. For example a business choosing only a basic level of search engine optimization services only get around a 2% conversion rate. That figure rises with more advanced SEO packages with an average of 10% lead conversion rate. Learn more about why you would need SEO for your business website.

The only way to increase online traffic is through SEO

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Top SEO Tips & Tricks

Learn some of the techniques the pros are doing to rank websites to the first page of Google here on the SEO Tips and Tricks page.