Benefits of Pay Per Click Ads

Your biggest competitors are most likely using PPC in their marketing strategy. Surveys have shown that the most successful businesses online have placed a strong focus on paid search (PPC). They are seeing high ROI and some of them are even revving up their PPC spending to compliment their SEO campaigns. This allows them to be the dominating force in their niche with help from their ppc management agency.

This is an older video but still has some good PPC tips:

Instant First Page Visibility

Pay Per Click ads give you the opportunity to showcase your business on the first page Google instantly. In my opinion, PPC is not a ‘replacement’ for SEO, it’s definitely a good supplement in your whole marketing package. PPC is a great way to supplement your regular SEO efforts because it can take some time for your keywords to rank at the top of the search results. So if you want instant results, PPC is the best choice right now. Your ad will be shown either at the top, right side, or bottom the first page search results depending on how much you bid. Either way, your business is getting exposure on the 1st page on-demand.

You’ll Only Pay For Clicks

Traditional advertising is a waste of marketing dollars because those television ads, billboards, and radio spots are targeting a VERY un-targeted and wide audience, most of whom may not even be interested in your offer. On the other hand, with PPC, you will only pay when someone click on your ad. That usually means they are initially interested in your product or service, now it’s your job to sell it to them once they get redirected to your landing page or website. You can’t do that with the other types of advertising programs.

Laser Targeted Traffic

Your PPC ads will be positioned in highly noticeable spots on the Google search engine results page. If you’re a dentist in Las Vegas and a search was made for ‘Las Vegas Dentist’, your ad will show up among the search results for that keyword if you chose that as one of your targeting keywords. You can optimize your ad in many different ways to prevent people clicking on your ad who may not be interested in the first place. This way, you will have only interested prospects clicking on your ad and scheduling an appointment within seconds.

Ad Budget and Scheduling

You can set your ad to run at specific times of the day and you can set a maximum budget. This is great for when you want to test certain ads and keywords with A/B split testing. Do you want to run your ad only on Wednesdays at 5pm-8pm or Monday through Friday? You can schedule your ads to run however you like.

PPC Analytics

Every setting and action with your ads are being tracked. You will know the ad click-through-rate (CTR) and the cost per click (CPC) in real-time. You can even track how many phone calls were generated, filled out your info form, or made a payment through an ad. This will let you know which ads are performing and which are not.

Paid search will be a 71.1 billion dollar industry by 2016 according to ZenithOptimedia.

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