Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Negative blog posts, comments, and bad reviews can instantly change a customers decision to buy your product or service. This negative publicity can quickly spread to many social media networks and search engine results pages (SERPs). Setting up a online rep management system in your business can lead to increased customer loyalty and more sales.

Online reputation monitoring with Google Alerts:

44% of adults have searched for a name or brand online, for example, a specific doctor, lawyer, or even business name. However on that same note, out of all the internet users 78% have conducted some sort of product/service research online because they believe that reviews are the most credible source of a products trustworthiness. You already know how powerful social media can be and we need to be proactive in taking care of all the things people are saying about your business.

Protect Your Brand

Any form of negative review or comment can drastically affect your business and brand. 86% of people who saw a negative review about a company had changed their purchase decision based on that review. This is why it’s crucial that you monitor every aspect of what customers are saying about you. Monitoring your online reputation will allow you to mitigate all negative reviews as soon as they happen and at the same time building a reputable brand.

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